Waterways Project

Description of Steel Structure

18m x 27m x 5.2m high steel structure with 0.5 Gemsbok Sand IBR C1S Cromadek Roof sheeting. Bullnose roof sheeting with 700mm run out. Both sides and gable ends closed 3m down with 0.5 Gemsbok Sand C1S Cromadek sheeting. Bubblefoil insulation on roof. Fitted 22 off 2.3m long 1.2 Polycarbonated IBR Sheets on sides only. Mounted four off 2.45m x 380mm Chromadek horizontal ventilators with bird proofing on the ridge of the roof of the steel building. Fit 1 chain operated 3.5m wide x 4.5m high Galvanised ROLLUP door on 27m side. Supply steel work for second floor to support echo slab done by others. Also provided is the Structural Engineering plans and certificate.